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HQ 2/12 Marines
Your WebPage needs pictures; it cannot grow without your participation. Please consider taking a small amount of your time and emailing a few of your photo's that can be posted on your site. No more than three (3) MB of memory should be sent in one photo mailing; always use JPEG format whenever possible. I will crop, enhance, and restore your colored and B&W pictures as much as possible.

I will continue to try and improve the WebPage on this end so you have a page that is entertaining and fun to visit. Please tell me what you would like to see if there is something missing and lets get your WebPage growing. I have updated your roster; please send me your missing information so I can complete the roster. You can check out Charlie 1/12's roster, which has been online for years without problems. Their roster includes personal address, phone numbers, emails and some cell numbers. I will wait to hear from you...
Unit Picture Histories
Last HQ Battery Update: April 14, 2009
Golf Battery-3rd Battalion 11th Marines Pictorial History
Golf 3/11

Pictures provided by:Herb Snyder        1968-71
Tango Btry 3/12 155 Towed