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Perimeter trenchlineMarine officer over seeing reinforcement of trenchline at Khe Sanh...Taken from the NE tower at Gio Linh
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FMF PAC Supply Patch
8" howitzer near Cam Lo155sp howitzer located near Cam Lo village11th Engineers moving a beam for an underground bunker at Con Thien... Cam Lo, Gio Linh, Con Thien... Were all REMF's "in the rear with the gear?" I don't think so.
A 105mm howitzer being airlifted into Con Thien. Unit unknown...A 105 howitzer crew between fire missions at Con Thien. Unit unknown...Air strip at Khe Sanh
A 106mm recoiless rifle at the Quang Tri Combat BaseA platoon of 8" howitzers at ??
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Gio Linh, Con Thien, Cam Lo, JJ Carroll,
Khe Sanh. REMF??...

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