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5th 155 Guns
Alpha Battery-1st Battalion 13th Marines
Bravo Battery-1st Battalion-13th Marines
Charlie Battery-1st Battalion-13th Marines
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Welcome to the Home of 1st Battalion 13th Marine Regiment
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13th Mar
13th Mar
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155's during a firemission105 at dusk; either Bravo 1/13 or Alpha 1/13.
This 155mm Howitzer belonged to Papa 3/12. The next picture shows a howitzer with similar damage only...This Howitzer remains as a "lone sentry" still in position at Khe Sanh, now a long ago Marine FSB. This picture was donated bu Ron Deverek, Papa 3/12. Is it the same howitzer? Sure looks like it...
Air Strike on near by hill. Picture provided by Dave Mannion.Fire mission, Alpha 1/13?
Resupply by air drop at Khe Sanh. Photo supplied by Dave Powell - UPIFire mission at Khe Sanh Alpha 1/13? Picture by Dave Powell - UPI
Ammo palletts on fire at Khe Sanh from incoming. Picture by Dave Powell - UPI
Whiskey Battery
Whiskey Battery 1st Battalion 13th Marines
5th 155 Guns Rein