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13th Marine Regiment - 5th Marine Division
This 13th Mar Site was last updated: 11/10/2010
Welcome to the Home of our 13th Marine Regiment - "A Zeal For Firing Steel"...
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Alpha 1/13 gun crewAbout 15 feet of SE Asian "Rock Python, the world's largest snake. The Rock Python can exceed 25-30 feet in lenght and has been known to "eat" Tunnel Rats... ;o)
With Marines watching, the "Super Gaggle" formation, which centered on a Lockheed Hercules C-130 cargo plane, flying with helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft escort. Twelve A-4s flew the first Super Gaggle on February 24, 1968, joining 20 CH-46 and UH-1E helicopters.Lieutenant Crenshaw, a FO, with his scout/spotter on the perimeter of 881S watching the North Vietnamese. The USMCAA wants to extend a special aknowledgement to the 13th Marines for their defense of the hills surrounding Khe Sanh.
The Khe Sanh perimeter, shrouded in fog, is viewed by a Marine riding a "mule."Cliff Treese at Khe Sanh standing in front a Bravo 105 Howitzer.
UH-34 approaching the Bravo gunline during a field opperation in the Phu Bai TAOR.
Lieutenant Crenshaw, Alpha 1/13Gunship flying convoy support in the Phu Bai TAOR for Bravo 1/13.
Flame tanks in the field spraying napalm on potential enemy cover near the perimeter.Bravo Battery 105mm Howitzer laid, in the field, ready to fire.
Ed mercer on Gun 3 during a field operation.
Bravo 1/13 parapet at the Phu Bai Combat Base.Bravo Battery 105...
USMCAA Historical Center
Cliff Treese - Bravo 1/13
Khe Sanh - 1968... Incoming!