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Assigned to 12th Marines were personnel who observed and directed Naval gunfire supporting Marine ground forces in I Corps and throughout Vietnam. Pictured in the back ground is the USS Saint Paul who's eight inch guns were instrumental in saving Marines April 27-28, 1967 at Gio Linh. The battle ship "New Jersey" and her sixteen inch guns also toured the South China Sea hammering North Vietnamese artillery and anti-aircraft positions in the DMZ and North Vietnam.

Anglico's are a highly mobile unit; jump qualified, they would reach target observation posts by land, sea, and air sometimes, deep into "unfriendly areas." It was their heroism and dedication that allowed ships such as the "USS New Jersey" to rain sixteen inch broadsides on enemy locations. A full broadside from the New Jersey was rumored to be as/more powerful than a single B-52 arc light strike.

This web page is dedicated to the men who served as "Anglico's;" 12th Marines offer a long overdue "thank you" to the United States Navy, their ships, crews, and all Marine personnel who assisted in supporting the 12th Marines on the ground.

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