Stateside training prior to deployment.
Destroyed "Iraq" Russian tank. Enemy destroyed by USMC tankers...
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USMC 8" howitzer at Con Thien... Named the "Wild Thing"
Iraq and some of the scenery while on patrol
.11th Marine Reg
RVN & Beyond...
.12th Marine Reg
RVN & Beyond...
.13th Marine Reg
RVN & Beyond...
11th Marine Regiment
12th Marine Regiment
13th Marine Regiment
13th Marine Regiment - RVN
USMC's "Big Guns"
Long Range Artillery
11th Marine Regiment - RVN

Yesterday and today, United States Marine Corps artillery continues to honor battlefield traditions of those who fought before. The pictures and paintings above span WW11 through Iraq, honoring the fighting spirit of Marine Corps artillery. A 155SP emerging from the past in a Marine's dreams, a 4.2 Howtar crew & 3 Marines from Alpha 1/12 in Vietnam, a wounded Marine artilleryman in Iraq, a painting of a 105 at Khe Sanh, Another rendering of a 105 firing on the Vietnam DMZ, a towed 155MM howitzer & crew on Iwo Jima, all reflecting USMC artillery, simply the best...
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Jim Merrit of Charlie 1/12 at Camp Carroll. Charlie Battery went into the summer of 1968 and fought against a savage ground attack, which was attempting to overrun and destroy the battery. Charlie Battery was defended by 70 artillerymen at LZ Torch, part of "Operation Scotland 2".Members of Charlie 1/12 Gun (howitzer) crew in the spring of 1968.A M-109 155mm Howitzer in the mud and water at Con Thien. Con Thien or "The Hill of Angels" was truely hell on earth in every way possible...
Corporal Gary Conner, FO with Mike 3/3 on behalf of Charlie 1/12.Lieutenant ? of Conner's FO team at Gio LinhCorporal Conner's FO TeamM-53, the original USMC "Long Shooters" a 155sp with an extended barrell for long distance firing.
New Battery LogoCaptain Jon Connolly CO, Charlie Battery 1/12. Captain Connolly's battery was sent to Iraq as a Military Police unit, not uncommon considering the man power shortage for today's military.1st Sergeant DG Bullock - Charlie BatteryCharlie Battery designated "Task Force Military Police" for duty in Iraq
Destroyed Russian tankThe local seneryOpps! Or... WIA?



"End of mission" comes through the headset as the "convertable" version of the 8" fires. Top down, it must be summer.At dusk, 8' sits waiting with the "top up" on the gun."Open House"USMC 175mm -1st GunsAt that time, the Marine Corps longest shooting artillery piece.Burning excess powder...
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